No, I haven't seen your red pen. Why do you ask?

No, I haven't seen your red pen. Why do you ask?

What Kind of Editing Do You Need?

My job is coaching you toward becoming a trusted guide for the reader. I will make suggestions and tell you why I made them, but decisions are yours. I usually go through two drafts of a book: once for structure, a second time (after your revisions) at the line editing level. I work in TrackChanges so you may see what I have proposed and may easily accept or reject it.

I work in general adult nonfiction. 

My projects have included everything from investigative reportage to financial planning, science writing to memoir. Most of my work is in business, biography, memoir, personal finance, personal development, current affairs, natural history, sports, adventure and inspirational.

  What I do:

- Structural editing has to do with the shape of the book. Does the writer know what she wants to do, and is she doing it? How effective are the narrative arc and character development? Could the author's argument be stronger? Are things in the right place and the right order? What’s missing from the story? What’s extraneous? How effective is the author’s manipulation of the reader’s emotions? (I love doing this.)

- Line editing gets into the meat of the writing. Are the chapters working internally? Is the argument flowing from paragraph to paragraph? How are the transitions working? What about sentence structure and phrasing? (I love this, too.)

- Copy editing is the most granular, focusing on spelling, punctuation, grammar and fact-checking. I am not a copy editor per se, and so I don't charge directly for it, but I naturally do some of it while line editing. And I can connect you to some great copy editors and proofreaders.

  What I don't do:

- Acquisition editing (that means purchasing manuscripts for publishing houses—sorry!)

- Design and publish your book (but I can project manage this for you if you wish)