I deliver superlative value.

Why would you invest in anything else?

I charge by the project, not by the hour or page 

In order for me to give you a fair price, first we'll discuss your project and your needs. If you have a manuscript, I'll ask to see it. If there are research materials, I'll want to see those. Only after that will I give you a bid, in writing.

I'll never charge you anything until we've agreed to work together.

If you need a ghost writer or book doctor

I'll want to know a lot about you and your project. Why are you writing a book? What do you want to say? Who is your audience? What does success look like? And, yes, what's your budget?

If I'm not excited about your project, I'll tell you I'm not the right collaborator for you.

But if I am, I'll introduce you to my working process, which includes a clear set of action steps, internal milestones, written sign-offs and more. The goal is to create a clear, productive, happy relationship that will produce the best product. If we decide to proceed, I'll give you a written bid and a clear list of deliverables tied to milestones. 

If you need an editor

I'll proceed in much the same way; I want to know about your project, your motivation, your ideas around success. We need a good partnership, based on trust and respect, and that starts with understanding.

For most editing projects I propose two passes. On the first pass I'll look at structure, completeness, logical flow, narrative arc, and so on. It's a big picture assessment aimed at ensuring your book hangs together, does what it needs to do, doesn't have big gaps, and grabs and holds the reader. I'll provide a "global read" overview memo and embedded comments within the manuscript. I work in Microsoft Word and embed my comments using TrackChanges.

This pass generally produces the most work for the author. On the second pass, which I conduct after you've made revisions, I focus on line editing. Do your paragraphs flow well? Is your sentence structure tight? How's your grammar? Is your voice consistent?

Once you've worked through my suggestions on the second pass, you will have a solid, very clean manuscript, ready for submission to an agent, an acquisitions editor, or a copy editor.

Tell me about your book.

hal@halclifford.com, or (413) 429-7566 (I'm on Mountain time)