You have a book in you. or a white paper. and you need help.

Maybe you wrote a draft. Maybe you don't even know where to begin.

Whether you want to polish a manuscript or need help creating one, you require a partner.

i can help.

Do you want to write a book to advance your professional career, but wonder how to start? Can you really count on your best friend, your significant other, or your reading group to help you make the best possible book? 

I assess your project at no charge.

I'm clear and honest. If you need editing help, I tell you what needs to be fixed and I suggest how to fix it. You, and your book, deserve nothing less.

If you need a ghostwriter, I am an experienced interviewer, strong researcher and empathetic listener. I've worked with New York Times bestsellers, top-performing entrepreneurs, Olympic coaches, financial professionals, recovering addicts, and experienced business people to bring their ideas to the printed page. I've been doing this for decades, and in my day job as Editor in Chief at Scribe Media I lead a team that turns ideas into books for people who don't have the time or capability to do so themselves.

I JOIN your project as a creative, experienced partner.

I'll only work with you if I am enthusiastic about your project. To do otherwise would be a disservice, because part of my job is to bring my experience to bear on how to shape and market your book, e-book or white paper for maximum effect.