When You Actually Act Out A Fiction—Is There a Name for That?

A while ago I was reading Olen Steinhauer's thriller The Tourist. I happened to be in New York City at the time. Most of the book takes place in Venice and elsewhere, but late in the narrative there's a scene in which a character returns to his pre-war apartment on West 86th Street, then ventures out for some take-out Thai food from a restaurant a half-block away on Amsterdam. None of this would be unusual except for the following: when I read this passage I was sitting in a pre-war apartment, in a building on West 86th street, a half-block from a Thai restaurant where we had just picked up some take-out food.

So maybe this is a hundred-monkeys kind of event (attributable to random chance, like winning the lottery), but it seems there should be a term for this kind of experience. It's not deja vu, but it's in the same family. Seeking my own neologism, I came up with "livre vivre," or "live book." I welcome suggestions for improvement, and am eager to hear if you've had a similar experience.