“Hal Clifford has been a master of language, turning my ideas and thoughts into highly readable text that reflects my personal style and the way I want people to see and understand me. He showed great patience through the journey of creating this book, keeping me on the path when I strayed into content that may not have been the best for the book and never complaining when I showed up with new ideas. He was a true collaborator, a thought partner striving to make the book the best it could be.”

Laurens Bensdorp, author, Automatic Stock Trading Systems: A Systematic Approach for Traders to Make Money in Bull, Bear and Sideways Markets and The 30-Minute Stock Trader: The Stress-Free Strategy for Financial Freedom

“I went from writing in circles to writing something that actually resembled a first draft. I can’t thank you enough for the insights, support and encouragement.”

Marissa Orr, author, Lean Out: The Truth About Women, Power and the Workplace

“The work you do is amazing ... when this is done I'd like to talk to you about my next book.”

Henk Ovink, author, Too Big: Rebuild by Design's transformative response to Climate Change

“You were amazing to work with. You turned  a very challenging project involving many opinions into a seamless adventure that was fun and organized throughout. From the day we met you in person we were impressed, and we have not regretted our decision. We were out of options for completing a book of our father's adventures. You  quarterbacked the entire journey, and we are grateful to you for getting these stories into a book we will treasure forever. As excited as we are to be done with this project, we will miss you!”

Cody Henriksen, who commissioned the ghost-writing project that became

Pursuit: My Life Hunting Big Game, by Lonnie Henriksen (self-published)

“I was relieved by your kind words about the quality of my writing and the importance of my ideas. I appreciate the time and effort you have put into considering my work. What especially pleases me is that you get a sense of who I am. I hired you because I wanted someone to help me get this project to the next level. You have earned my trust.”

Seth Berg, Don't Ruin The Kids (seeking a publisher)

“Hal is a close and careful reader and can advise both conceptually and on the nuts and bolts of an individual sentence. The ability to edit is a talent (in any art form), in my opinion, that is possessed by precious few. Hal is one of those few.”

                                                                        James Prosek, Eels (Harper)

“Hal Clifford is one of the most talented editors I have ever worked with.”

Ginger Strand, Killer on the Road (University of Texas) and Inventing Niagara (Simon & Schuster)

“I miss the shit out of you. When are you going to be my editor again? Please?”

                                Curtis White, The Barbaric Heart (PoliPoint Press)

“Thanks so much, Hal! The experience was amazing and I cannot wait to share a glass of wine, or most likely a bottle, with you.”

Alex Andrawes, How To Invest in Wine (Lioncrest)

“Friends were telling me my manuscript wasn't working. I knew it wasn't, and maybe if I'd put the manuscript away for a couple of years I could have figured out why. But I didn't have the time. You told me what my friends were telling me but with the detail and tact that allowed me to hear it. The best summary of what you did for me was what my brother said: 'His feedback seems valuable, both in the sense of being good suggestions and being suggestions that only a skilled editor would make. Sounds like you're getting your money's worth.'”

Karen Tallentire, Fighting The Unbeatable Foe: Iwo Jima and Los Alamos (Outskirts Press)

“Thank you for your insight as an architect for my ideas. You have brought my dreams much closer to reality.”

Mary Hagerman, The Black Belt Investor (Lioncrest)